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The Resurrection Space is the final stage of the garden at the current time, before the World Church and disabled entrance is completed. It is proposed to include a labyrinth design on the paving. Labyrinths go back 5000 years or more and the labyrinth was adopted by Christians in the Middle Ages, who changed the design and used it for Christian purposes. 

A labyrinth differs from a maze in that it has a definite route through to the centre and back.

The starting point for the proposed path here will be the triptych of Resurrection Scenes. This has been created by Paul Adams-Groom and comprises painted wood carvings:
  • In the Garden 
  • The Road to Emmaus 
  • Thomas Believes 
The pathway will lead to a centrally-placed Alpha and Omega mosaic (Revelations 22:13 ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end’) at the centre of the Resurrection Space. 

The Methodist Church has a very good on-line labyrinth to explore at . There will be a spiritual labyrinth in the garden during the week following Easter 2010. 

One obvious omission from the garden at this stage is a cross, which is yet to be constructed. One will be placed in the Resurrection Space.

The seating here is made from Douglas fir. Planting includes a Judas tree (not a Bible plant) and an olive tree.