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Creation of a Bible Garden


It was in January 2008 when the church planned its year ahead that the dates of the Open Days for September 2008 were set. At that time, work had been undertaken clearing ivy from the garden and church walls, but there were many repairs still to be done and landscaping had not commenced. However, plans had been made and it was time to move forward to create the garden.

In creating a garden that tells the Bible story through both its artwork and plants (in such a small space and on a limited budget), some compromises and some hard decisions concerning what will go into the garden and what will be excluded (at least at this initial stage) have had to be made. We have found that it has not always been possible to choose plants for a particular spot in the garden that simultaneously match the local habitat (lighting, drainage, soil type, etc) and complement the structure of the garden as well as the local Bible theme. In addition, important Bible stories are not explicitly mentioned. Your own favourite Bible story may not be illustrated. A story you consider significant may not be given the attention it deserves. However, there are plans to develop the garden, both through the incorporation of new artwork and the addition of temporary themed art displays at different times of the Christian year (for example, Easter). If your favourite story is missing or there is something you would like to see, please let us know.

More than a garden

What is on offer is a garden complete with sculpture, artwork, teaching aids and rest facilities. Also included are indoor facilities, incorporating internet access, PowerPoint display facilities, open-plan discussion/ teaching areas.